Still Drinking Ltd

Still Drinking Ltd (parent of the Attenborough & Porter brand) was set up in 2020 as an impassioned project to celebrate, engage and develop great drinks through brand creation, retail and wholesale.

We offer a range of services to the drinks industry; specifically retail and brand development consultancy; but much more besides.

We are also able to provide white label solutions to assist retail, hospitality and independent bottling companies in developing their own label products. 

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A Friendly Caution

We explicitly do not provide investment advice - with particular relevance to cask investments. 

In our view, investment advice should be strictly monitored by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, of which we are not a member. 

For our valued customers, we would only advise that there is an insurmountable quantity of misleading information regarding drinks investments from companies with unsavoury backgrounds, but also from well regarded drinks industry professionals. Advice for and against investment can be equally misleading and misguided, whether benignly or malignly intended. As such we do not provide investment advice.